Based on the classic cuckoo clock originating from the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany, this clock is the perfect way make your house a home. The sturdy body and fittings made from environmentally friendly MDF board are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Featuring the iconic retracting cuckoo bird which appears every hour to sound the time and the wooden pendulum swinging to keep time. The cuckoo is followed by two sets of dancers spinning briefly to an assortment of music. This clock provides a unique experience to anyone visiting your home.

To sync the cuckoo bird to the time, simply press the button on the side to add 1 extra cuckoo till the correct time is achieved. 2x D batteries is all that is needed to run this clock and provide accurate time keeping.


  • Environmentally friendly MDF body and carvings
  • High quality carved fittings and decorations
  • Retracting cuckoo bird and accompanying sounds
  • Swinging wood and plastic pendulum
  • Two sets of dancers and waterwheel spinning to music
  • Decorative wooden weights on chains
  • Requires 2x D batteries
  • High / Low / Off  volume options

Clock Cuckoo Wooden

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